An Introduction.

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It took a long time.  Lots of debating if I could write a blog, and wrestling between the self-indulgent feeling of having one standing off against a longing desire to write and create.  Because of  the encouragement of my friends (we will see how they feel about this before long) here it is.  

“Who the heck will read that?!” I wondered.

“What if NO ONE  reads it?!” I thought.

“What if it’s not just for them?” something whispered back…  So here we go.

More specifically than any blog, I was encouraged to write a food blog.  I love food, love cooking and love sharing that with others.  I also love to write… but never (until now) about food so much.  Making (M)eggs is intended to be my way to incorporate it all.  

When I first started cooking, the product was always the result of something I made.  Roasts, steaks, pies, whatever.  I made it, it was mine.  Gradually this became my happy place.  No matter how the day or week went, no matter what else was going on, cooking created order and birthed creativity.  Perfect little squares of onions, tender bits of potatoes and a chance to use something freshly picked from my tiny little garden, all of it came together into this (hopefully) delicious, sustaining and beautiful gift to share with someone.  I loved that.

As years went by, this grew and grew in me.  It became me.

Life for me has always brought recurring themes.  I think it does for everyone, but not everyone is always paying attention.  Sometimes I am not paying attention.  Fortunately this past year, I was living with my eyes wide open.  All I could see everywhere was “Why”.  What’s your why?  Why do you do what you do?  What do you long to create and to be?  Some people call this purpose or a calling.  Titles matter very little to me.  If you’re missing it, you know what it is, regardless of what anyone is calling it.  This year left me feeling as whole as I ever had, but knowing I needed something to pour into.

For months I researched business ideas.  I’d start a business, any business, and focus on that.  I loved businesses, I needed an outlet, I had the time, more money would be nice, perfect.

Except nothing.  NOTHING.

Not one, single idea was any good.  Not only were they not good, they were either terrible or a it was a complete void of any idea at all.  It’s as if I was standing there and someone dropped a hundred story building in two inches from my face and told me to see what was on the other side.  I just couldn’t!  I knew I couldn’t move forward until I found something that felt (at least a little!!) right and because of that, I was stopped at every turn.

Finally I had to table it.  Instead I just focused on living; investing in the people I loved, taking trips and just stopped sweating it.  I allowed myself some space and a break.  It was on one of those trips that I found a book in a bookstore that captured me.  It was called The Crossroads of Should and Must.  It’s hardly really a book in the typical sense but more of a recount of a woman’s experience and listening to the longing that was inside of her.  I had never heard of her, but I bought it immediately.  This was exactly where I was.   This was my crossroads, although I still didn’t know my “must”.

Through this, I was lead down a path of YouTube videos (my friends will laugh… this is so me) and research; I couldn’t get enough.  I was completely obsessed with these people who just did whatever it was they were called to do.  It didn’t have to make perfect sense, they didn’t have to quit their jobs, it didn’t have to make them money…but they did have to do it.  I had to do it.  Because what they did was who they were. Who they were and what they did were two sides of the same coin.  That’s awesome.

Before long I realized that’s what cooking was for me.  It wasn’t so much what I was making, but what it was making me. It allowed me to be creative.  It didn’t mind that I was a little OCD.  And most importantly, it gave me a way to care for and connect with others.  People won’t always accept money or advice or gifts, but they almost always will accept something you made for them with love. I loved that. No longer was it, “What’s Megan Making?” but instead, “What’s Making Megs?”

Making (M)eggs is just that; all things making me.  Lots of food and also musings inspired by what is around me.  The notion of a food only blog instantly made me feel like I needed two: one for food, one for everything else but the more we go through it, you’ll see it’s all actually the same.  The inspiration comes from life and the food is for the people in it.  Relationships create dinner parties and heartache creates pasta (maybe that’s just me..).   To disconnect the two would be a disservice.  Each is made better by the other and gives the other a purpose greater than itself.

So, what will you find here?! Good freaking question.  This blog is a reflection of my life and learning so being true to that, it will change… as it should.  What I do know is:

It won’t include extensive lists of ingredients or precise measurements.  (Ummm what? Do you know anything about this? It’s called a recipe, Megs.  Ok, you’re already kind of bad at this, “with all due respect”).

Instead, I want to share how I cook.  To cook as a fluid process instead of something so rigid with lots of rules.  Yes, I will tell you what I used and how I did what I did, and why I chose these things.  My hope is that one day if you choose to make it for yourself (which I hope you do), I can help you to make it something you enjoy.  That someday you make some of my dishes your own.  We’ll be fine, I promise.  

In any case, I do want to say a sincere thank you to all my friends and family who have encouraged me to get started.  You’re the catalyst that got me to commit and I hope you enjoy it.  You’re encouragement means more to me then you know.


And with that, let’s eat!



32 thoughts on “An Introduction.”

  1. More, more, more please!!
    I look forward to more of your creativity!
    Reading your intro felt like I was with you smelling the aroma of your creation while we chatted about life.💗Such a positive vibe.

  2. Oh this is beautiful! Your food has inspired me to break out of my non existent constraints and just cook. You’ve made me want to make “pretty food”. So thank you for that. One blog post in and you’re already inspiring others.

  3. Okay… I’m hungry. What’s first on the menu? 🙂 I’m so looking forward to this food adventure and already love the personality you put in it!

    1. Thank you, Emily!! I am excited as well. Thank you for taking the time to read it! I will send you that recipe we were talking about today.

    1. THANK YOU! That’s so encouraging! Thanks on the stories too!! I’ve been going a little ham on them but they’re so fun I can’t stop! haha

  4. I am so proud of you Megan for taking the JUMP. That is the hardest part. Looking forward to rest of your journey and if you need a guinny pig for food tasting, sign me up!

  5. You’re such an inspiration! So proud of you!! You’ve always been a creative, fun, person to be around! Cheers to new beginnings and success! 💕

    1. Thank you, Christina!! You’re so sweet and supportive. Thank you for reading it! I am excited for what’s coming next!

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