To the Woman You End Up With

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To the Woman You End up With:

When he has something to say, listen. Stop what you’re doing, give him your full attention and listen to him with your eyes.  What he shares is special and if you show him it’s important to you, he’ll keep sharing.

Bake for him.  Whether you like to or know how to, learn.  He loves it and you’ll love that.

Encourage him.  You know as well as I do, he is an incredible man.  Don’t ever, ever let him believe anything else.  The greater his belief in himself, the greater the world will be.  He’s that important.  If you don’t see that, you don’t deserve him.  Move along.

Encourage him in the Lord, to play music and to sing.  His life and voice were created to glorify Him.  He needs to sing and play. It centers him and mornings when you get to hear him while you’re getting ready, it will be your favorite.  Maybe you’ll even get to hear him sing to your kids; I always imagined that.

Sometimes he is on his phone a lot. R-E-L-A-X.  He reads like crazy.  I’ll save you some time: it’s news and sports….LOTS of sports. It’s cute once you get used to it.  He just wants to know everything about everything…and he pretty much does.

He might fall asleep on the couch if he has wine.  Let him sleep for a while, that’s his best rest.  If you rub his back, he’ll be asleep in about a minute, but he needs that.  He works so hard, help him rest.  It always works.

Please be sweet.  

Please be kind.  

Love him with the greatest love you can.

He deserves the absolute best.



On Valentine’s she made nothing. Her appetite had left her.

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